On my playlist of Film Music this week are 3 cuts from the 1965 M-G-M production of
DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, music composed and conducted by Maurice Jarre.
The first 2 cuts are Yuri (Omar Shariff) Follows the Sound of the Waterfall and Varykino Halt.

(Click on any of the pictures for an enlarged view)

The early 1960s (as in the 1950s) were a great time for most of the film composers of the Golden Age. With the introduction of the different widescreen formats and stereophonic sound systems composers such as Rozsa, Tiomkin, Waxman, Kaper, Steiner, and Newman could work on a grand scale that Verdi and Wagner could only imagine.

By the start of the 1960s Hollywood had advanced the motion picture spectacular to high art. These huge budgeted extravaganzas offered casts of thousands, sumptuous scenery and photography and vast, lush musical scores.

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia